Image: Logo of CityLab at UCLA with photo of gel electrophoresis lab setup

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CityLab is Recruiting for Fall 2013! Join us on Tuesday, October 8th or Wednesday, October 9th at 6:00pm for our Orientation & Interview Session in CS50!

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CityLab at UCLA

CityLab at UCLA is a science educational program run by UCLA undergraduate and graduate students to introduce high school students in the Los Angeles area to the rapidly developing world of biotechnology though hands on laboratory experience. At the same time, it provides a forum for UCLA students to serve as undergraduate CityLab Members, while learning effective teaching skills by instructing the high school students and executing lab exercises in a laboratory setting. The UCLA students may be registered for credit or serve as volunteers.

Applications for High Schools are available for download here. Please email applications to the Director of Programming at

CityLab Presents: The Chemistry Jocks

UCLA CityLab Members create a music video about ELISA. Be sure to check out the CityLab YouTube Channel for new videos!

More information is available for high school teachers and students, and UCLA students:

The CityLab at UCLA program is operated under the auspices of sponsor URC - CARE which is the UCLA Undergraduate Research Center (URC) of the Center for Academic and Research Excellence (CARE) at